You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch

24 Nov

So Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas will be here soon. Time is going by quickly this year *takes a breather*. During these times it’s when people give most and this is where we come in.

The awesome Miss Auguste Finistair has organized the Mr. Grinch Hunt and will last from November 30th- December 30th. There will be twenty-eight stores participating and the hints and SLurls will be posted on the Mr. Grinch Hunt Blog. This hunt is supporting the Make A Wish Foundation and every item in the hunt will be set for L$1. Every L raised will be donated to MAWF, which is an awesome cause.

So far I’ve received hunt items from Kiyoha Yangtz owner of Arkigrafx, #24 which is a trampoline…

# 24 Arkigrafx

YES, I’ve already had fun on it! (hahaha)


And an item from Arora Zanzibar owner of .:ZCZ:. who is #2 on the hunt list… Her item is this adorable Ho Ho Ho sign. So get it while you can, after the hunt is over, this sign will not be available.


It’s the only Christmas-y thing in my skybox… seriously


I will be posting more as soon as the hunt creators send their items. So stay tuned 😀


❤ Snicks



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