It’s game time!!

26 Dec

Faery Solera, of Studio Sidhe, posted a plurk a few days ago and it was pretty much a challenge… We didn’t know what it was or what it could be, until she found what she wanted. With that, we got a PP and she laid it out for us. Each blogger was to blog one dress, of one colour, for one specific store location. We took the challenge and the rest is history.

So, today, December 26th, Faery released her beautiful, Leaf dress. I was lucky enough to choose and be given red, but there are six different colored dresses in all, one color released at each of her locations. Only 50 of each dress will be sold and once they’re gone, that’s it! In other words, LIMITED EDITION!  The red version, which I love, can be found at Studio Sidhe’s Vapor location. (I’ll post the other blogs, for the other colours and locations.)

Check out these bloggers for the five remaining colours and locations*:

Bronze: Jenica Landar

GreenPhire Zuhra

BlackFreyja Nemeth

PurpleStrawberry Singh

Fuchsia: Aislinn Grizot

Style Credits:

Hair: TRUTH Hair– Orchid (plain) in Cherry

Skin: [CheerNO] Femme – Belina in tan w/Lipstick 3

Dress: :+:SS:+: – Leaf in Red

Pendant: :+:SS:+: – Caged Lacrimose pendant

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*Please note, not all bloggers may have their posts out yet, so please check back from time to time. Thanks!


Christmas Cheer from )*Bodice*(

26 Dec

Just a quick post, to catch up on stuffs…

I received these cute lingerie pieces from Rai Blaylock, owner of )*Bodice*(, called Santa’s Helper and Santa’s Babydoll. Being the awesome holiday’s, Rai has cut the price on both outfits. Santa’s Babydoll comes in four colours and Santa’s Helper comes in six colours. So get them while you can.

Santa's Babydoll

Santa's Helper

Body Stuffs:

Outfits: )*Bodice*( – Santa’s Babydoll and Santa’s Helper

Hair: TRUTH Hair – Jolie in Night & Jaquel in Coffee

Skins: LAQ – Vilda *Christmas Gift, SOM* & .ILLUSORY – Paige in DeepTan, Winter

Tattoo: Aitui – Fire Fish

Nail Polish: ::DT:: – Nailpolish in fuchsia


16 Dec

So here is my week four for Luna’s Blogger Challenge, found here. The weeks colour was Plum. Honestly, I’ve had this pic done for a couple weeks, just haven’t had to to post, soooo here it is. Sorry if it looks over processed, I’m using two different laptops >.< Anywho, enjoy!


Style Bizz

Hair: TRUTH Hair– Kitty in Night

Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva Skin with winter makeup

Tank: [PO]– Liv Sequin Tank in Black

Jacket: [LeLutka] – Pismaniye Cardigan in Plum

Shorts: *Last Call- Janet Tuxedo Shorts**

Necklace: [Mandala]– from Pearl Rain jewelry set in silver

Eyes: <<<NP>>> – Silent Eyes in Twilight


** No longer Open

I’ll post more, I promise.


❤ Snicks

Grinchy Grinch

3 Dec

I’m a little behind on the Mr. Grinch Hunt post, due to crazy school assignments, so participants and creators, please forgive me! 😀

Remember, each item is 1L, but every bit goes to the Make a Wish Foundation. The foundation grants the wishes of children who are terminally ill.

SLURLS and Hints can be found Here.

If you don’t want to hunt, but feel inclined to donate you can do so HERE. So please come out, hunt, or directly help support a worthy cause.

❤ Snicks

You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch

24 Nov

So Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas will be here soon. Time is going by quickly this year *takes a breather*. During these times it’s when people give most and this is where we come in.

The awesome Miss Auguste Finistair has organized the Mr. Grinch Hunt and will last from November 30th- December 30th. There will be twenty-eight stores participating and the hints and SLurls will be posted on the Mr. Grinch Hunt Blog. This hunt is supporting the Make A Wish Foundation and every item in the hunt will be set for L$1. Every L raised will be donated to MAWF, which is an awesome cause.

So far I’ve received hunt items from Kiyoha Yangtz owner of Arkigrafx, #24 which is a trampoline…

# 24 Arkigrafx

YES, I’ve already had fun on it! (hahaha)


And an item from Arora Zanzibar owner of .:ZCZ:. who is #2 on the hunt list… Her item is this adorable Ho Ho Ho sign. So get it while you can, after the hunt is over, this sign will not be available.


It’s the only Christmas-y thing in my skybox… seriously


I will be posting more as soon as the hunt creators send their items. So stay tuned 😀


❤ Snicks


dreiwöchig – Goldenrod

21 Nov

So this is my week three of Luna’s 52 Weeks of Color Blogger Challenge and I actually LOVE this outfit.

I was like “AHHHH…,” cause I thought I used the wrong colour, buuut I didn’t so then I was like, “WOO!”

Anyways, here’s the pic… Clothing info at the end… ya know the drill…



Hair: !lamb – DIY Haircut in Butterfinger

Skin: ::MM:: – Adult Pilgrim Skin

Eyes: ][.R.][ – Plasmid in SE Antique Gold ★★


Top: *MNA* – Hard candy Blouse in White

Skirt: *BOOM* – Love Me Skirt

Shoes: ::Duh!:: – Espadrille in Goldenrod

T.A.T.T.O.O.S & P.I.E.R.C.I.N.G.S

Tattoo: :LoveSick: – Monster Tattoo

Piercing: .HoD. – Eternal Piercing v2 (female)


Pose: (marukin) – All my retro friends


Stay tuned for the colour PLUM!!! Weeeeeee

❤ Snicks


★★ – Store No Longer Open

Week Two of Fifty-Two….

18 Nov

So this is my second post for the 52 weeks of colour challenge. A little behind, tho i took my pics and stuff earlier this morning…

In SL I like to dress the way I do in RL, comfortable. So, I just typed blue into my inventory search and threw this on, a little meh, but I thought it was cute…

Can’t wait until the next one… 😀


Skin: *League* – Taylor Deeptan, Ice Blue

Hair: >TRUTH< – Sonya in Crow, Streaked

Eyes: ][.R.][ – Simple Tonic XXX- Slate Blue ★★


Top: *BOOM* – Heart in Stitches Thermal

Bottom: .TD. – Favorite Jeans

Shoes: UBU – PornStar Lo-Top 

T.A.T.T.O.O.S & P.I.E.R.C.I.N.G.S

Tattoos: :LoveSick: – Monster Tattoo

KHUSH – Love Life Tattoo

Piercing: .HoD. – Eternal Piercing v2 (female)


Pose: *noju* – Pose 0029 ★★


★★- Store is no longer open

★- Store no longer open, but items can be purchased on SL marketplace